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Behind the Scenes: 3 Body Problem


The cinematographers behind Netflix sci-fi series explain why the sun was such an important element in the show’s VR game world and how they played the story’s fictional science straight down the line.

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  • Silo_101_S11445F

    Behind the scenes: Silo

    Award-winning Cinematographer David Luther had to draw on all his experience to help create a convincing backdrop for this dystopian short-story adaption. Adrian Pennington reports.

  • Masters_Of_The_Air_Photo_010803

    Behind the Scenes: Masters of the Air

    Masters of the Air takes place over the skies of Nazi-occupied Europe and at the very least doesn’t flinch from the horrific conditions faced by men in metal tubes flying five miles above ground, writes Adrian Pennington.

  • rev-1-DUN2-T3-0054r_High_Res_JPEG

    Behind the Scenes - Dune: Part Two

    The highly-anticipated sequel to the epic Dune: Part One had the challenge of communicating the deeper narrative of the original novels all the while creating a standalone film, reports Adrian Pennington.

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