Domo’s new Quartz Mesh wireless links system promises to be easier to configure, simplify workflows and reduce broadcaster’s RF channel requirements.  

Mike Egan, Systems Integration Engineer, Domo Broadcast Systems, said: “We’re reimagining how we do wireless video.” 

Quartz crystallises benefits of Mesh wireless workflows

En-Meshed: Egan shows off one of Domo’s new Quartz Mesh units 

It combines COFDM for forward video, for ultra-low latency and high quality, with an IP Mesh offering bi-directional links on a single frequency, which adds intercom, camera control, return video, and transmitter control “and because it’s in IP, you can do it locally or from a remote production centre,” said Egan. 

It has four separate modes: Studio Mode allows users to roam between studios, seamlessly switching between them; Sports Mode utilises remote de-modulators to enable COFDM video to be streamed over IP; Relay Mode only uses the IP Mesh for video, enabling more rapid deployment of the receive infrastructure; and Legacy Mode allows it to be used over broadcaster’s current COFDM infrastructure. 

Domo has supplied IP Mesh for Sail GP, but “this updates those systems and is more focused on broadcast workflows,” said Egan. 

Stand Number: 11.C12