Atomos Edit is a new easy-to-use cloud/browser editor that is designed as a fully-fledged collaboration system. It has been in beta for several months and is due to launch as a product in the next month.

It has now enabled live uploads from all connected devices in real time while content is still being recorded. It allows live publishing to social media, or users can export a rough cut to Adobe Premiere Pro or as a Final Cut Pro XML. It also now has direct integration with Premiere Pro via a new plug-in.

D4 Atomos-Edit

Elbourne: Atomos Edit ’is a fully multi-user collaborative editor with versioning’

The editor, which is hosted on AWS, can also be used to automatically tag and organise footage using AI. “It is a fully multi-user collaborative editor with versioning built in,” said Atomos CEO, Trevor Elbourne. Web optimised playback allows teams and external clients to view images, audio and video on any device, to review, comment, tag and approve workflows.

Users can upload media in the field directly from any connected Atomos device (via Atomos Cloud Studio), edit and then choose to immediately publish direct to YouTube or Vimeo. There will be a free version, plus probably two further paid levels with extra storage and functions.