Fujifilm’s Duvo series of native cinematic lenses with broadcast functionality is being expanded with a new portable 24-300mm lens, as well as the preview of a wide-angle version, to go with the recently released 45x box lens that has already sold 20 units in Europe.

The PL-mount broadcast lenses cover a Super35 image (the built-in 1.5x expander will give them almost full-frame coverage, at the loss of 1.5 stops and extending the focal length).

Fujifilm expands cinematic lenses for broadcast operations offering

‘Dual Live’ lenses: Fujifilm’s Ryota Numayama with the Duvo 25-1000 box lens

Ryota Numayama, European Sales and Marketing Manager in Fujifilm’s Professional Imaging Group, said: “We see the potential in live production, such as events, concerts, or sports, where there are more cameras that are using larger sensors. There is more crossover of the technology of broadcast and cinema, but these lenses have the advantage of having the same operation as broadcasters are used to, but with a cinematic look.”

It is also showing a prototype 14-100mm zoom, so users can cover 14-1000mm with just three lenses - or to 1500mm on the Duvo 25-1000 box lens when using the expander, “so that gives you a lot of flexibility,” Numayama said.

The Duvo (from Duo Vivo, or Dual Live) 24-300 ships next Spring, while the 14-100 is expected next Summer.

Stand Number: 12.B20

Company: Fujifilm Electronic Imaging Europe