Eutelsat and Amazon Web Services (AWS) showcased the DVB-NIP (Native IP) solution at IBC2023, integrating video distribution with production and distribution workflows deployed over the AWS cloud.

DVB-NIP is the new standard which allows the distribution of IP native mABR content (the format used by OTT and targeting handheld devices and SmartTVs) through broadcast channels, like satellite. DVB-NIP brings together the flexibility of OTT and second screens, with the reliability, reach and quality ensured by broadcast channels. These channels bypass terrestrial network bottlenecks, not only saving on CDN costs, but also achieving the highest throughputs required by high quality content like Ultra HD.


Eutelsat and AWS teamed up for a video distribution workflow at IBC

A complete production and post-production workflow was deployed by AWS, with signals produced in Amsterdam and ingested locally, as well as other contributions retrieved remotely via AWS Elemental MediaLive. Editing, compression and multiplexing was deployed on AWS, with packaging produced to feed broadcast and OTT workflows.

Part of the content in multicast ABR was retrieved by Eutelsat’s Teleport facilities in France; the content from the AWS cloud was IP encapsulated by Eutelsat in DVB-NIP format and transmitted via satellite on 13°East.

The satellite signal was received on the Eutelsat stand in Amsterdam and distributed in WiFi to handheld devices and SmartTVs.

Company: Eutelsat