Better Software Group (BSG), a provider of specialised software for the media and entertainment industry, announced its rebranding to Spyrosoft BSG, marking a significant phase in its ongoing two-year integration with the global technology company, Spyrosoft.

By joining forces with Spyrosoft, BSG said it gains access to a wider array of resources, including cutting-edge technology, a larger talent pool and enhanced operational capabilities. It added that being part of a larger, globally recognised group opens the door to a broader range of customers in different industries, providing the company with opportunities to apply its expertise in new contexts and markets.


Bart Lozia, BSG

The Spyrosoft Group, including Spyrosoft BSG, has over 1,500 employees in eight countries. BSG CEO Bart Lozia is now CEO of Spyrosoft BSG.

“Spyrosoft BSG represents an exciting new chapter for our company. With the next phase of integration with Spyrosoft, we’re strengthening our media solutions and expanding our offerings. This allows us to better serve our clients’ needs in today’s dynamic digital environment,” Lozia said.