Customer management and streaming monetisation specialist Evergent has outlined the top five ways it believes that media organisations and direct-to-consumer streaming services are missing out on revenue in its new playbook for streaming profitability.

The insights are based on Evergent’s experience onboarding 800 million subscribers in 180 countries and point the way to simple, easy-to-fix changes that can make a significant difference in the drive to improve profitability.


Evergent provides tips in new playbook

Evergent has analysed the most common revenue-boosting changes typically achieved across its customer base to reveal the critical strategies streaming companies can deploy to improve profitability:

Fix the leaks: Streaming businesses can tackle churn before it even happens, addressing revenue losses that are a major barrier to profitability. Advanced analytics can predict multiple causes of subscriber departures and intervene with personalised retention strategies.

Identify the real growth sources: Streaming providers can dynamically fine-tune content offerings, pricing tiers, and promotions, using data-informed decisions to trial and double down on the products, business models and partnerships that are successful with different audiences.

Get close to subscribers: Providers can use technology to understand and engage with their customers on a much deeper level than ever before, using behavioural insights to create new, customer-centric subscription options including loyalty-based incentives and event-specific pricing.

Simplify global payments: Offering flexible payment options to properly cater to local payment preferences is crucial for reducing friction in the subscription process and minimising payment-related churn. The constant evolution in local consumer trends, global payment platforms, taxes and regulations means that managing payment systems is a significant operational burden far removed from a streaming provider’s core business.

Harness AI for subscriber engagement: AI is a game-changing tool in proactively predicting and combating churn. Streaming providers can tailor pricing and promotions, and recover avoidable collection failures.