SMPTE: Transparency and education the keys to managing AI


SMPTE President Renard T. Jenkins calls on artists, lawmakers and the tech community to educate themselves about AI and to do so in sync with each other or fear and misuse will fill the gap.


Euro Meet Olympic qualifiers: upping production standards on a limited budget


Yann Figuet, Partner at FreeLens, explains how the production company deployed the latest tech from Blackmagic Design to up its game in the latest Euro Meet competition.

Elstree_studios_1 - photo credit_BBC (1)

Q&A: What are the motivations behind AXA IM’s purchase of Elstree studios


AXA IM Alts recently announced it would be making its first investment in the UK’s TV and film studio market with the acquisition of the BBC Elstree Centre in North West London. IBC365 caught up with Stuart Carr-Jones, Head of Transactions for UK at AXA IM Alts, to find out ...

Navigating the shifting narrative of AI in media

Navigating the shifting narrative of AI in media


What are the ‘good’ AI solutions available in the media industry today and how can they be integrated responsibly? These are just some of the questions contemplated by Rowan de Pomerai, CTO at DPP, following the organisation’s latest report on the AI landscape.