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Tutorial 1: esports

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    Esports: Episode 1: Where are we now?


    Esports has grown into a fascinating phenomenon in a billion dollar industry and although competitive gaming is regarded by some as relatively new, its roots can be traced back to the 1970s. Phil Cooke, esports lecturer at Staffordshire University takes a look back at esports’ humble beginnings, through to the ...

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    Esports: Episode 2: Production


    In October 2023, Staffordshire University revealed plans to expand its esports provision in Stoke-on-Trent with £2.9m investment in dedicated facilities. The project was designed, built and installed by broadcast solutions specialist Digital Garage. The new industry-standard facilities include a bespoke 60 seater Esports Arena and a Studio with dedicated broadcast ...

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    Esports: Episode 3: Audiences and future of esports


    The future of esports seems brighter than ever, with hi-spec technology productions, fandoms and storytelling at its helm. But what makes a good esports broadcast? In this tutorial, Rhys Williams, Esports Lecturer at Staffordshire University takes a deep dive into which platforms are dominating the esports landscape and where audiences ...

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Tutorial 1: Esports is available now


  • Rhys Williams, Coach, Creator and Esports Lecturer, Staffordshire University
  • Phil Cooke, Esports Lecturer, Staffordshire University
  • Joshua Wales-Ferguson, Lecturer in Esports Broadcast Technology, Staffordshire University
  • Tom Gill, Technical Services Engineer, Digital Garage

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Episode 2: Diversity, Inclusion & Sustainability

IBC365 puts people front and centre in the latest series of IBC365 video tutorials, exploring key topics and initiatives created to improve industry standards. The tutorials dive into three widely discussed topics within DEI and sustainability: mentoring, biodiversity and disability provision.

Where should you start when it comes to implementing diversity and inclusion initiatives such as mentoring schemes and disability provisions for your organisation? How can your organisation contribute towards reducing the impact on biodiversity?

Having sound knowledge of the topics at hand and an initial framework for implementing new initiatives is an important first step, and that’s where IBC365 Tutorials can help.

Episode 1: How to set up an international mentoring scheme - ScreenCraft Works

The ScreenCraft Works Cross-Border Mentoring Scheme provides structured career development with an international outlook, to enrich careers in film, TV and online work.

The scheme matches under-represented production and post-production talent with international mentors, to share knowledge and experience, widen employment and peer-to-peer networks and bring new cultural perspectives to the mentoring groups’ local and international productions.

In this tutorial, Rebecca del Tufo, Co-Founder and Director of Screencraft Works, shares the what, why and how of mentoring. You’ll gain a deep understanding of how to set up a mentoring scheme and what it entails, and learn how the process supports the industry and what the impact is.

Episode 2: Calculating, reducing and improving your impact on biodiversity – BAFTA albert

In September 2023, BAFTA albert launched a new biodiversity guide which aims to help productions reduce their impact and explore ways of becoming nature-positive.

In this video, you’ll gain an understanding of how the screen industry impacts biodiversity, why it matters, and how BAFTA albert’s Biodiversity guide and checklist can support you and the industry.

Featuring Kirstie Shirra, Sustainability Consultant, albert, this tutorial is designed for anyone who is working in the screen industry and wants to reduce their impact on biodiversity in every area of production, from planning to props.

Episode 3: Providing access provision for disabled talent - TV Access Project

Launched in August 2022, the TV Access Project (TAP) is an alliance of 10 of the UK’s biggest broadcasters and streamers who have pledged to work together to create a substantive and permanent structural shift in the TV industry to ensure access provision for disabled talent.

Its vision is to see full inclusion by 2030 – that is to say, a television industry where no disabled talent is ever excluded because barriers have been removed and equity created. At its heart, TAP is an ambitious co-creation between disabled people and the wider industry to deliver sustainable solutions with buy-in for and from everyone.

In this tutorial, Laurence Clark, Chairman of the Board, TripleC, outlines what TAP is, and what are the five A’s to help you ensure the full and equal inclusion of deaf, disabled and/or neurodivergent talent.

The latest series of Tutorials will be available to watch from the 29th May


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