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As an ambitious, career-driven woman, you have big goals and intentions to achieve them.

However, with so many work commitments and demands, it can feel overwhelming at times to stay focused on those goals.

You're in the right place if you are ready to take your career to the next level without stress.

Whether you want more recognition for your accomplishments, a higher salary, or simply more flexibility in your professional and personal life, now is the time to make it happen.

As a driven professional, chances are that you've already tried a few things at work, in order to achieve success, but so far nothing has quite gotten you where you want to be.

If you're looking for proven strategies and expert guidance to help you fast track your corporate success, then you need the right kind of support.

With the right combination of executive coaching and mentorship, you'll get all of the tools, resources, and corporate insider insights that will allow you to achieve your professional goals without any guess work.

With the help of a dedicated executive coach, now is the perfect time for you to take control of your professional future and reach new heights in your career.

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Hi, I'm Priya!

With over 20 years of organizational experience, Priya Mehrotra has unique insights on how to navigate a stressful corporate work environment, which can be a huge roadblock in people’s career, preventing so many talented individuals from reaching their full potential. Priya has worked alongside Fortune 100 leaders through times of rapid-growth and change.

The Canadian born New Yorker, former Wall Street Professional and Corporate Executive, is a Corporate Trainer, Certified High Performance and Executive Coach.  With an extensive background in management and expertise in organizational behavior, Priya blends influence, communication, and negotiation strategies with self mastery to guide clients in advancing skills in leadership, high performance psychology, and overall corporate career mastery.

She is passionate about helping ambitious female professionals break the barriers in the workplace, and get the recognition they deserve for their hard work, so that they can rise up with confidence to achieve their desired goals. Her mantra is Get ahead with success NOT stress!


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Our Mission - To help ambitious women
⭐Restore balance and avoid burnout

Objectives - So that you can
⭐Get the recognition you deserve
⭐Take your career to the next level
⭐Navigate the corporate world like a pro.
⭐Make your career work for you 
⭐Get unstuck from that time suck called stress
⭐Take control of your work day
⭐Become, visible, confident and credible
⭐Find your voice, get heard & acknowledged 
⭐Never feel powerless again
⭐Handle workplace challenges with ease
⭐Get constant support & buy-in from your boss
⭐Manage relationships at work effortlessly
⭐Save time, energy, and frustration
⭐Create sustainable work-life balance

Value Proposition
  - Keeping YOU in mind
⭐Customized strategy for your unique needs
⭐Both strategic advice & tactical tools
⭐Feel confident & gain control of your career
⭐Get recognition and make more money
⭐Achieve your professional dreams
⭐Eliminate work issues & balance your life
⭐Reclaim your time for fun & relaxation


Let's Do This


Imagine Your Ideal Work Day

You wake up every morning excited about the possibilities that await each hour as they come along...
...being able to balance both work and personal time...
...while still working towards achieving professional goals...
...but work seems almost effortless...

You Too Can Be The Stress-Free Career Woman

👩She is confident and gets what she wants
👩Works smart & knows when to disconnect
👩Gets promoted and gets paid her worth
👩Can handle any workplace challenge with ease
👩Gets more done by doing less
👩Is well-respected and recognized for her contributions
👩Prioritizes her health and takes care of herself
👩Has fun and a life outside the office 
👩Sleeps well at night and wakes up energized

 Who is SHE?  

That could be you

Let's Work Together to Make That Happen for YOU 

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