Creating great Developer Experiences should be a goal considered first, or at least in tandem with creating outstanding user experiences.

As designs become increasingly more creative, to reach great user experience goals, we must accept that apps do not build themselves. Technology evolves at a pace that we cannot chase: every app and every click within them requires brilliant coding.

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Ajey Anand, CEO, Norigin Media

The consumption of digital content on personal mobile devices, communal TVs, and a range of other devices in between, is making frontend engineering increasingly complicated.

While engineers are asked to make a reality out of design that achieves great heights of user experiences – how do we choose the right technology and where do we find people who have all the right skills to make this happen?

Digital content is mainly driven by a flood of video streaming, is a complicated niche, driven by Video Engineering that has evolved a lot over the last decade. Building user experiences or apps to support the search and discovery of any media - including video - wrapped up in great design, would imply finding engineering talent, someone who is also a jack of all trades, knowing both video engineering as well as frontend development.

Providing the right tools to abstract the complex nature of video allows frontend engineers to do what they need to do: building the UI and UX.

Strong Architectural Foundations

While data driven technologies flood the app stores, “normalising data” should be a goal. Whether it is video, text, metadata, or images – media is always dynamic and achieving a standardised format ahead, or normalised data helps build a structured architecture to help media within apps. Once organised, UI/UX can be more creatively designed and built, where every click, every animation, or any other presentation of content towards the consumer is presented in any chosen user experiences – simple or complicated. This happens when apps or websites can be built on a great foundation of organised data before all the frills of UI/UX are added or considered.

Technology should be - if not must be – the means to the end. I run a media and tech company and I do not intend to ever boast about how great the tech is – as I prefer to say how great the engineering experiences are for my colleagues which guides them in building great apps for consumers to enjoy and use, every day.

I call this DevX, where, metaphorically, one should enhance experiences for the builders, to result in great edifices.