Swisscom has completed the deployment of two solutions from video UX specialists Media Distillery, Ad Break Distillery and EPG Correction Distillery.

Ad Break Distillery underpins its Replay Comfort ad-free product offering that enables viewers to avoid commercials in replay. EPG Correction Distillery is expected to enhance user experience (UX) on its 50 most popular channels for the entire customer base of 1.6 million households subscribing to blue TV super-aggregated service.


Swisscom has completed the deployment of two solutions from Media Distillery

Both products are part of Media Distillery’s Time Marker Suite, which uses AI and ML to automatically analyse broadcasts across multiple channels in real-time to identify the beginning and end of programmes, and also of the ad breaks within them.

According to Media Distillery, this capability allows operators of video platforms to enhance their catch-up and replay experiences across the entire lineup of content without being dependent on individual broadcaster data.

Philipp Wuethrich, head of TV and smart products backend software development at Swisscom, said: “What we have seen from our early initiatives in providing ad-free experiences is that customers’ net promoter score (NPS) for the ad-free product is significantly higher than for other products. That’s important for us and that’s what binds the customer to our platform.”